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6" Cylinder Project

For anyone who would like to participate on the 6" cylinder project, originally
initiated by Peter Fraser on the Talking Machine Forum, please contact me
directly by e-mail.

To get a cylinder, we will have to get 10 people making pre-payment to fund
the production until November 20. The production will approximately take
90 days, plus usual delivery time of 10-14 business days for worldwide

We have reached the goal and the production is in progress.

The ongoing discussion about further details, such as title, color, etc. can be
viewed here.

Current status of 23 January 2016:

Due to several test cuts, the best possible response was determined and
the master mould is now in manufacture. This may take some time until
the a mould of satisfactory quality has been derived from the master wax.

Get in touch with me:
Norman Bruderhofer
Ringstr. 14
D-88319 Aitrach

Paypal payments are accepted.