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PhonoWorks Germany
formerly Berlin Phonograph Works

New title and temporary shutdown coming along.

Since an important part of material had been obtained from the UK in the
past, thePhonoWorks will be shutting down for a couple of months to
re-arrange its production. This is owed to the upcoming "brexit". It will
not be a permanent shutdown and as soon as a new production workflow
has been determined, we are looking forward to a re-opening until November.
Until the, only orders of titles in stock will be processed.

In the meantime, limited stock sales will be still possible where possible.
A stock list will be assembled until the end of this month as well as
a new 4-minute tite:

"She's a good Girl" by Jack Dalton & the 7 Blue Babies

The Phono Works Germany is a hobby activity project for the reproduction

of rare cylinder recordings to be heard on your phonograph.


Please note, that I am only able to respond during weekends on which I am not working.
by Norman Bruderhofer
Aitrach, Germany