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New Blue Amberols
reproduced directly from the original records

The records are usually produced in a single run,
so they are usually not re-stocked and only available for the time being.

New Blue Amberol Cylinders

Titles currently in stock:

4888: Georgia Melodians - Teapot Dome Blues
5276: Dale Wimbrow & his Rubeville Tuners - Country bred and Chicked fed - Fox Trot
5695: Vernon Dalhart & Co. - Plucky Lindy's Lucky Day
5058: Gene Austin - Got the Railroad Blues
5386: Duke Yellman & his Orchestra - The Light House Blues - Fox Trot

Price (USD): $40 each plus shipping.

For shipping quotes please see other record list.

Write to:
Norman Bruderhofer
Ringstr. 14
D-88319 Aitrach

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