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Retrophone 78rpm Gramophone Disc
[78 rpm]
03475: I believe I'll dust my Broom - by Robert Johnson

A newly crafted 78rpm reproduction record for steel needle playback on period machines, as well as electrically on modern equipment.
It has been designed and tested to withstand repeated acoustic playback, much like an original period "shellac" record. Originally recorded by Robert Johnson on 23. November 1936 in San Antonio, Texas, it remains one of the most covered blues songs in history. One would never dare to play the impossible-to-find original Vocalion pressings on a vintage machine - this one can be. Please note that due to the special wax mastering process, there is a slightly higher surface noise compared to other period records. This is compensated for by a good, strong volume. Best played with a soft or medium tone steel needles.

Cylinder Record NB-5806: Deep Hollow Fox Trot
NB-5806: Deep Hollow - Fox Trot

This recording was made on 14 May 1928 by B. A. Rolfe and his Palais D'Or Orchestra, and is one of the few Edison tunes that has a seasonal Halloween reference. Since this title is instrumental, it is an excellent hit for the whole year. Electrically transferred from Edison Diamond Disc 52319-R.

100: Tiger Rag
NB-100: Tiger Rag - Fox Trot

The Tiger Dixie Band celebrates one century of recorded Jazz. Along with the 140th jubilee of the phonograph, it is furthermore the 100th birthday of the first recording of the famous Tiger Rag, originally performed by the Original Dixieland Jazz Band. This purely acoustic live recording was made at the Archeophonica Phonograph Exhibition in beautiful Bolzano, Italy on July 15, 2017. Six members of the Tiger Dixie Band performed the Tiger Rag direct to wax. Featuring Paolo Trettel (tpt), Stefano Menato (cl), Luigi Grata - (tbn), Andrea Boschetti - (bjo), Giorgio Beberi - (bsax), and Claudio Ischia - (drums)

NB-5704: Button up your Overcoat
NB-5704: Button up your Overcoat - Fox Trot

Recorded on 18 January 1929, the very last year of the Edison recording studio had begun. And what a year it was. Amongst these last recordings, the California Ramblers made a few highly-sought after and musically outstanding dance performances. Such as this snappy version of this popular title, originally released as Blue Amberol 5704, dubbed from diamond disc side 52513-R. As our other 5700's re-issues, this take is also sourced directly from the original diamond disc.

NB-5656: Doin' the Raccoon
NB-5656: Doin' the Raccoon - Fox Trot

A late 1928 Edison recording by Billy Murray and the 7 Blue Babies, originally issued on Diamond Disc and as Blue Amberol 5656. Beautiful uplifting and highly sought-after jazz number with vocals by the famous Billy Murray! This is completely new manufactured and highly unscrupulous cylinder record, that is so smooth so it can easily outperform the surface noise of the original Edison Blue Amberol.

NB-5714: Honey - Fox Trot

This rare selection by the Golden Gate Orchestra (California Ramblers) was taken directly from the original diamond disc. In the cylinder catalog of 1929 it was listed just two numbers before Kansas City Kitty, thus being just five titles away before the long era of Edison cylinder records did come to a final end.
This electric studio recording has a neat tube amplifier distortion, which is very characteristic for 1920s recording technology. Be sure to use a fully rebuilt and heavier reproducer (like a Diamond B, C, etc.) for maximum volume and best tracking.

in USD

03475: I believe I'll dust my Broom $ 60
5806: Deep Hollow - Fox Trot $ 80*
5704: Button up your Overcoat $ 80*
100: Tiger Rag - Fox Trot $ 80*
5656: Doin' the Raccoon - Fox Trot $ 80*
5714: Honey - Fox Trot $ 80*

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