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Premium Sleeves for Edison Diamond Discs

Are you tired of those wobbly record sleeves? Especially Diamond Discs with their enormous thickness
require special efforts in proper storage. These hand-crafted sleeves made made from high-quality French
cardboard and lined with green felt. They are intentionally made to professionally protect Edison Diamond
Discs and look great as a DD library on the shelves.

Your Diamond Discs were never kept more gentle!

Save outer overlap, glued properly to prevent cover splitting.

High quality inner green felt lining.

Prices and Quantities

5 Sleeves
10 Sleeves
25 Sleeves
50 Sleeves
Larger quantities also possible.

Please inquire shipping charges.

Write to:
Norman Bruderhofer
Ringstr. 14
D-88319 Aitrach

Paypal payments are accepted.